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NEST - Negócios Estratégicos

1. Intermediation and the arrangement of partnerships for developing the business of our customers.

2. Business Intelligence, strategy of aeronautical marketing and sales.

3. Business Plan and market survey

4. Strategic Planning

5. Industry counseling, corporate centers and airports

6. Projects evaluation (financing and marketing)

7. "Valuation" (valuation of companies for sales, purchase and fusion)

8. Investment analysis

9. Support for choice of industrial area location

10. Project management

11. Procurement and products nationalization

12. Governmental and private funding

13. Sales plan of aeronautical ventures.

14. Legal Consultancy

15. Compliance Policy Development

16. Legal business recovery and re-structuring

17. Airport pre-project and recommendations

18. Paving and draining of airports

19. Construction Management

20. Professional training for technicians and engineers


With the "Know How" of Nest's legal team, which comprises seven attorneys, and with the experience of part of its staff in developing this COMPLIANCE policy at EMBRAER, NEST was motivated to offer its services for development and deployment of COMPLIANCE at its customers' companies.

A recent federal law regulates the anti-corruption policy, along with adherence to a Code of Ethics, under penalty of heavy fines being levied based on the companies' annual gross revenue and their listing in a national registry