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Nest - Negócios Estratégicos

The Company

NEST was founded in 2004 by specialists with experience in a wide range of industries, in the areas of management, engineering, manufacturing and services. It was set up essentially to support corporate and financial management strategies, as well as the location, relocation installation, expansion and modernization of facilities.

The increase of number of investments in new facilities in Brazil caused environmental issues to surface. In consequence, regulation put in place to assure that projects would properly address impact to environment. With that in mind, in 2012 NEST put in place a team of experts dedicated to the subject and assure compliance to regulations are met without jeopardizing project goals.

In 2013, NEST entered in the aviation market with specialized consulting know how in aeronautics and aerospace, market analysis and market plans. Currently NEST in engaged in developing airport infrastructure strategy for general and executive aviation.

NEST's portfolio includes the skills necessary to meet the requirements of the market, offering consulting services on projects, implementation, staff training and upgrading, audits, company valuations, prospection for investors, new business, trademarks and patents, and financial and company management.