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Deployment of Industries

NEST provides you with all welcoming services at airports, escorting for lodging at hotels and transportation in cities and meetings with mayors of the municipalities in order to locate areas for the deployment of your company.

All of this with security absolutely guaranteed so you can get to know our country and work on developing your business in Brazil.

NEST gives you all the support you need for your pre-operational activities until you can develop your project independently.

Get to know Brazil and our Vale do Paraíba region, the region with the largest concentration of tourism and industrial activities in the state of São Paulo.

Here you will be between the two largest industrial centers in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), and away from the concentration of Labor Unions and traffic, common at major centers.

You will install your operations a mere 180 km from São Paulo, the most important industrial, commercial, and financial center of Brazil, and 275 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, the second most important industrial and commercial hub in our country.



Foreign industry

NEST assisted in finding and choosing an area for the deployment of AKG, a German company with manufacturing units in 13 countries and trading in 23 countries. The company acquired an area of 48,000 sqm in the city of Lorena, near the Presidente Dutra Highway, and will be deploying its facilities there in the next few months. In this work, NEST analyzed power supply to the main distribution frame and high voltage substation, access to the Dutra highway together with CCR, undertook topography and soil analysis, and analyzed supplier development for the first product nationalization works.

NEST was hired by CECOMPI - Center for Competitiveness and Innovation of the Eastern São Paulo Cone, which is located in the São José dos Campos Technology Park. The scope of work is the strategic management of the activities involved in local production arrangements and the coordination of the Brazilian aerospace and defense cluster.
NEST is also in charge of managing contracts with APEX - Brazilian Agency for Promotion and Export, ABDI - Brazilian Association for Industrial Development, and PMSJC - City Administration of São José dos Campos.

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster now has 96 member companies that create more than 5,000 direct jobs and generate income of US$1 billion, not including Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A. Among a few of the cluster's companies we can mention Embraer, Liebherr Aerospace, Eaton Corporation, Akaer (belonging to the Swedish SAAB group), and Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia, among others.