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Professional Training

The NEST company is also dedicate to high level professional training for engineers and technicians, offering courses "in company" or in its own installations.

Courses offered:

1.1. Welding Inspector N1
1.2. Welding Processes
1.3. Theoretical training for technicians and welders
1.4. Metal Forming, Pressing and Cutting Process
1.5. Physical Metallurgy
1.6. Mechanical Metallurgy
1.7. Termochemical and Heat Treatment
1.8. Transmission of Industrial heat
1.9. Basic Instrumentation
1.10. Intermedate Instrumentation
1.11. 1.11. Inspection and Maintenace of Refratories
1.12. Furnaces and refratories training
1.13. NDT - Nondestructive Testing
......1.13.1. Ultrasound
......1.13.2. Liquid Penetrant Inspection
......1.13.3. X - Ray
......1.13.4. Analyse Investment (financial mathematics)
1.14. Strategic Planning
1.15. Environmental constraint to implementation of industry (Problems and Solutions).
1.16. Compliance e Ethics in Business

We also prepared customized and specific courses for your company according to yours managers. Permanently in contact with universities we are able to offer courses in several areas of mechanical engineering and production.



Professional Training

The NEST through its Thallassa training company taught professional courses for managers and design engineers in the company “Tenaris Confab – Equipment” and “Tenaris Confab Pipes” in the areas of heat transfer design, inspection and maintenance of refratory furnaces for petrochemical industry and Course Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Metallurgy, welding processes steel, stainless steel and heat treatment.